Strengthen your Supply Chain

Strengthen Your Supply Chain5

Strengthen your supply chain with reduced cost, better quality and world-class service by partnering with Merit.

“Working with Merit does feel like a real partnership, all levels of personnel we have contact with are very responsive, and the normal day to day trading experience is enjoyable as well as productive.”
Richard Preston, Continuous Improvement Manager, Avon Protection Ltd.

Remove the hassle from your supply chain and achieve the demanding quality, cost and delivery requirements of your market by partnering with Merit for a professional, effective and friendly service.

Services at a Glance

  • Injection moulding, overmoulding, cleanroom moulding, value added services
  • Supply flexibility with 23 machines from 15t – 320t working 24 x 5
  • Technical approach to injection moulding
  • Fully managed UK and Far East tooling
  • Supplying healthcare, automotive, aerospace, electronics and consumer goods markets

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" Merit asked a lot of really good questions and even suggested a tooling configuration that I hadn’t considered, which proved to be both time saving and cost effective."
John-Paul Grogan, Head of Design, GreenBottle

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