Making the Most of Moldflow


Getting the part design right in injection moulding can mean the difference between a successful project that moves smoothly to production, and a project that is plagued by delays, increasing costs and poor quality.

One of the tools moulders use to ensure part designs are optimised for injection moulding is Moldflow – a simulation software that predicts how a part will be moulded.

With Moldflow you can:

  • Identify potential design issues early in development
  • Predict faults, weld lines, sink marks, shorts, gas traps, and other potential issues
  • Define the optimum spec for your part by testing different design iterations and materials
  • Ensure tool design is right before cutting metal by verifying gating positions, runner sizes, and cooling channels

Here at Merit, Moldflow simulation forms an integral part of our design review process, which means we can give customers that extra level of reassurance for complex designs, and ensure that their design intent is met.

If you’d like to explore what benefits Moldflow could bring to your new product developments, contact us on (0)1379 644 321.


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" Merit’s high level of technical expertise has allowed us to successfully transfer existing tooling and to develop new products. The high quality of their production has been integral to us continuing to meet the demands of our automotive and aviation customers."
Ash Foster, Technical Manager, CML Innovative Technologies

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